PW 60 is a concentrate of high & low molecular weight Polyisobutylene tackifier in Linear Low Density Polyethylene. It is used as a cling agent to make Stretch wraps films from LLDPE or LDPE. Available as dry free-flowing pellets.

Blend of high & low mw PIB gives optimized peel/lap cling properties.
Free Flowing Granules.
Improved optical properties.
Enhanced dispersion of PIB compared to liquid PIB.
Very low addition level and hence marginal cost increase.
Easily incorporated without any changes to process.
Full technical support on the implementation of the additive system.
Testing as per international protocol.
Environment friendly.

Cling Film Applications
Industrial items wrapping.
Cling Film are mainly used by FMCG industries for Packing food & Edible items.
Application for Meat, garden fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, cut fruits and Other.

Preserved Food Packing
Used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, air flight & other catering services.
Leather, Wood products, Silver & Brass items.
Electronics material, Woolen, traveling bags and stuffs where it to keep out fungus and moisture.