Flamingo Additives & Colourants LLP, came into existence in 1992. Managed by Technocrats. For the past 24 years the company has grown from a single product to a company which today manages multiple products and technologies.

We add value to the business of our clients by serving solutions in the domain of Plastics and processing. Our products help our clients enhance aesthetics of their brands and products with our color master batches, while providing functional solutions through a wide range of additives, compounds, specialty masterbatches, and auxiliary equipments.

By our Light weighting Technology we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through technology by reducing Carbon Footprint. Our Static Mixers and Shut off Nozzles improve the efficiencies of Client’s processes while delivering cost reductions.

We do not view our clients as transactions. We partner with them and support their enterprise with our team of 10 Polymer Engineers.

We want to be the industry leader in Customer service.
  • Service Innovation Technology
  • Our ability to learn from our mistakes
We are a performance driven culture that uses metrics to ensure continuous improvement. Through our distribution and marketing competencies, we provide creative, innovative, and value added solutions for our clients.